Azur Bandcamp Release!

Our recording of “Azur” is now available on Bandcamp!

'Azur' was commissioned from Tomàs Peire Serrate, and premiered in May 2017 in Denver, CO. Recorded At UCLA April, 2018 after a successful GoFundMe campaign. Mixed and Mastered by David Siu. 

From composer Tomàs Peire Serrate: 
"The project of writing this suite for cello and guitar came after spending two weeks in a remote village in the French Alps, not far from the Côte d'Azur. It was an artistic and spiritual retreat for me, which gave me the opportunity to release some of the stress that I had accumulated living in a city like Los Angeles. In these three movements, I tried to bring back and enjoy different memories from those days; impressions of places, of moments, and emotions. All these are mixed and interfered with reminiscences of the tension that was dissipated at that time."

Solazur Texas Tour

We’re still coming down from a busy weekend of travel and performance, but our first trip to Texas was such a fantastic experience. Colorado didn’t want us to leave- it was so cold at DIA that the pumps to get fuel out of the ground froze- but we made to Texas in one piece. Big thanks to luthier Aaron Ringo for putting us up at the new WoodRing shop, and congrats on the new space!

First concert at Tarrant County College NW was a ton of fun, and it was great to see some familiar faces, and meet so many new ones. Next up was the 7th Annual Collin College Guitar Festival. The Kithara Duo (Olga Amelkina-Vera & Fernand Vera) and Robby Gibson put on a fantastic concert the first night, and we followed them up the next day in the lovely Arts Gallery on campus.

Next day we joined a masterclass with Robby, and worked with some guitarist and a violinist- some great stuff happening there. The festival wrapped up with our participation in the first reading of Olga’s new piece “The Road to Thalassus” for guitar orchestra, SSAA, and strings.

Big thanks to Olga & Fernand for hosting us, and for a fantastic festival! And thanks to friends and family that made it out to support us.